A Free History Of...

Greetings.   We’re pumping along here.    A couple of notable news pieces…. First, we’re glad to see that the Geico Texas ad featuring our song ‘Central Daylight Time’ is back in rotation.   Thanks to everyone at the Martin Agency in Richmond, VA for making this reprise a reality.   In celebration and to welcome some new folks to the WNM, we’re giving away a FREE 15 song digital sampler of our music that we’re calling “A Free History Of…”.   All one needs to do to download this is go to Bandcamp (click on the picture below) and start clicking away.   Thanks to those on facebook who helped us with the song list.  It was tough narrowing the field but we managed to come up with a pretty good starter kit.   The artwork for the sampler is below and it links you right where you need to go.   We’re not going to give this thing away forever so please send this to all your friends who don’t know the WNM and encourage them to get on board.

We are only a few short weeks away from our first recording sessions for our next album.   We are fired up to go back to Haunted Hollow Studio in Virginia and to work with Rob Evans.   We recorded Pull the Brake at Haunted Hollow way back in 2005 and Rob did much of the engineering on that record.   We’ll keep you posted and make sure to put some photos and hopefully some video of the proceedings up on Facebook and Twitter

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came out to see us play in Virginia and North Carolina recently.   Good times.   There’s some good video of some of the Charlottesville show up on YouTube.  Thanks to Brian Walden for shooting and posting.

See you all soon.