Apprentice to Ghosts

Our fifth album, entitled “Apprentice to Ghosts”, will be released on February 21, 2012. Like all Mules albums, this one has been no small task in getting finalized and out the door because of numerous unforeseeable incidents and accidents (see other posts). Regardless, we are pleased to have finally reached the finish line and are pumped about the record in its final form.

We recorded 11 of the 12 tracks in Charlottesville, Virginia over 5 days in December, 2011. The only overdubs were a result of a single human being not being able to play two instruments at once. This has long been a goal of ours; to make a live record in a short period of time under one roof. The roster of songs for Apprentice seemed to fit that format perfectly especially when catalyzed by a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 12 Year Old that Andy and Mason once received as payment for doing a show for our friend Billy Reid. We’d been saving it for a special occasion. Thanks Billy. Unfortunately, the bottle didn’t last until day two of the session. Our rate has increased to 2 bottles / show now.

As always, our thanks to Chris Kress for running the board and keeping us on task.

The track listing (in no particular order) is as follows:

- Apprentice to Ghosts
- On Wounded Knee
- Liberty Bell
- Double Blade
- Parting of the Clouds
- Central Daylight Time
- Banks of the James
- Patience in the Shadows
- Leaving Chattanooga
- Stones Above Your Head
- When the Wheels Touch Down
- Dry Your Eyes




  • Lorrine says:

    I admit that I too found you through the Geico commercial. I couldn’t stop listening to the song and I easily found your site through Google.
    I can’t wait for the new album!!!! I love your style – it’s a perfect mix of old time sounds with a fresh edge.

    When are you coming to California? Yes, there are still some warm-hearted country folk here.

    God bless you, your families, friends, and fans.

  • Rodney says:

    You Guys are Frickin Awesome!!!!! when do you think yall will go on tour, i cant wait to see ya, i live in the midwest but would travel anywhere to hear you guys live. Good luck and God Bless!!!!

  • Tim says:

    Just found out about WNM after searching the song from the Geico commercial and spent today listening to some of your music and LOVE IT!! Unique sound–can’t get enough. Come play the Corn Festival in Morris IL in early October. Keep on doing what your doin. Glad Andy is OK.

  • bridge says:

    The Youtube video shows a link to a free MP3 download of the song “Central Daylight Time”:


  • Jim says:

    I am dying to here Central Daylight Time after being teased by the Geico commercial. It sounds like a real knee slapper. Why not preview it to us on line???

  • Don says:

    Please tell us the lyrics to the song “Central Daylight Time” or at least the lyrics to the part when Gecko is doing the dance. It sounds something like……….. “if i could separate whats real from luck i reckon i could pick a better love to night” or something like that. Its driving me crazy and i just cant understand all the words lol in the commercial. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us those lyrics. Thanks and oh yeah i will be buying the album..

  • Wayne says:

    I just check on you guys the other day. I promised to take a few friends to the next show you did anywhere in the area. We will all be at the Berkley in Raleigh on the 24th of February. I look forward to getting my copy of your new CD, “Apprentice to Ghosts”, at that time. Viva los Mules!!!

  • Marcus says:

    Its about time. I was starting to worry. Try to make it by Winston-Salem when you are in ol’ Caroline. I’ll still be in Raleigh anyway.

  • Bryan Ammann says:

    It’s great that y’all are back! Been wonderin’. I’m still spreadin’ the mule in my part of the country. You have some new fans! We’ll be lookin’ forward to hearin’ the new stuff and hopefully seein’ y’all live somewhere.

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